WEBPROC in Workbench

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WEBPROC in Workbench

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The Project Manager of the Xbase++ Workbench lists all PRG and all FUNC and PROC that
are defined inside a PRG.
It would be nice if I would also see the WEBPROC which are defined in a PRG.

Anybody any idea if that is possible?

I have my WEBPROC defined in an include file as (standard Xb2.Net):

#command WEBPROCEDURE <name>([<param,...>]) ;
[VAR <(fname)> AS <fvar>] ;
[COOKIE <(cname)> AS <cvar>] ;
[CARGO <(sname)> AS <svar>] ;
=> PROCEDURE WEB_<name>(<param>) ;
; Local oClient := ThreadObject() ;
[; GETVAR <(fname)> AS <fvar>] ;
[; GETCOOKIE <(cname)> AS <cvar>] ;
[; GETCARGO <(sname)> AS <svar>]

Regards, Stephan Borst